Meaning of the Red Lotus:

According to many religions and cultures, the Red Lotus Flower is the original representation of the heart of nature. This particular Lotus flower color variety presents all of the qualities of the heart, good and bad.

There is no coincidence, only connection.

On August 21, 2017 we experienced the remarkable celestial event of a total eclipse of the sun. Space was revealed as our Moon intersected the Sun in perfect alignment with the Earth. A planned precision difficult to comprehend, but our planet is the only one in the solar system capable of experiencing such astrological phenomena. Evidence that there are no accidents. For a little over two minutes we were able to see with bare eyes our blinding source of life as a luminous circle of white light, twilight fell suddenly and stars filled the daytime sky. Real magic.In this same time, we began to compose ‘Infinite Orb’. Born as a conversation about the human condition, the mystery and the wonder. From composer Marcus Watkins and vocalist and lyricist Francesca Vannucci.


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